1890 Hand coloured engravings of Le Tigre & Le Jaguar et les Panthères

1890 Hand coloured engravings of Le Tigre & Le Jaguar et les Panthères

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Hand coloured engravings of LeTigre and Le Jaguar et les Panthères

  • French 1890
  • Hand coloured engravings
  • Water gilt frames
  • Le Tigre:-     W:33cm    H:28    D:2
  • Le Jaguar and les Panthères:-    W:25cm    H:30     D:2

The combination of tigers, jaguars, and panthers is a celebration of wild beauty and natural diversity and these hand-coloured engravings from France in 1890 are most certainly beautiful and offer a  glimpse into the artistic sensibilities of the past and are truly captivating!  In addition they are also historical, reflecting the fascination with wildlife prevalent during the late 19th century offering insight into the aesthetics and interests of that era. 

Both engravings have been meticulously hand-coloured, emphasizing the nuances of the animals’ fur, eyes, and surroundings. The choice of colours is quite deliberate, enhancing the visual impact. Both of these fabulous hand coloured engravings are in water gilt frames.

Le Tigre (The Tiger): This exquisite engraving portrays the majestic tiger, known for its striking orange coat with dark stripes is a sight to behold. Tigers have captivated human imagination for centuries, symbolizing power, courage, and mystery. The artist’s attention to detail has brought out the tiger’s fierce beauty.

Le Jaguar et les Panthères (The Jaguar and the Panthers): This second engraving features the elegance of the elusive jaguars alongside panthers captured in intricate engravings. Jaguars, native to the Central and South America, share some similarities with leopards and are renowned for their strength and agility. The panthers, which could refer to black panthers (melanistic leopards or jaguars), add an air of mystery to the composition.