Lion Paw/Griffin Foot Arras Jardinière - France circa 1890

Lion Paw/Griffin Foot Arras Jardinière - France circa 1890

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H: 95cm (37.4")W: 108cm (42.5")D: 31cm (12.2")

£690.00 Approx $859.28, €802.33

Lion Paw/Griffin Foot Arras Jardinière - France circa 1890

  • France circa 1890
  • Wrought and cast iron with wire work planter top
  • Exemplifies meticulous hand-craftsmanship
  • Durable white painted finish adds to its charm
  • Exquisite Lion or griffin foot example
  • Typically used in a Conservatory or Orangerie
  • W: 108cm (42.5")   H: 95cm (37.4")   D: 31cm (12.2")

If you appreciate unique antique pieces, this Late 19th Century Lion Paw/Griffin Foot Arras Jardinière is a true gem! It really is a remarkably impressive conservatory or garden jardinière of fabulous scale and combines artistry, history, and functionality making it a captivating addition to any space.

This exquisite jardinière hails from Arras, a town in France. The Arras garden furniture style emerged around 1840 when one of the metalworking companies in the town of Arras, Grassin-Baledans began specializing in creating artistic ironwork for garden furniture and other ironwork for gardens.

The Arras pieces are entirely hand-forged and riveted, crafted with metal tubing and flat metal. These were intended for the high-end market, catering to the privileged classes who were embracing outdoor living.

The jardinière is made of wrought iron and boasts a sinuous design, reflecting the high quality expected from Arras pieces. Notably, it boasts four original lion’s paw feet, which indicate a mid-19th century origin. These lion’s paw feet were later replaced with a sleeker hoof design after 1900.