Antique Wooden Dough Bowl and Stand

Antique Wooden Dough Bowl and Stand

Code: LP055


W: 102cm (40.2")H: 90cm (35.4")D: 66cm (26")

£1,040.00 Approx $1321.47, €1214.95

Antique Wooden Dough Bowl and Stand

This is yet another of the delightful items of Kitchenalia from the 1800’s that we bring to your attention; an unusually large and wonderfully weathered wooden Primitive Antique Dough Bowl hand crafted from one solid log of timber, as evidenced by the visible annular rings, placed on a stand.  The bowl has a lovely dry rustic patina and would be a marvellous addition to any home. The delightful stand may not always have been with the enchanting cradle shaped dough bowl but they now make a beautiful statement piece and are well suited to represent being the heart of the home wherever they are placed.  This fabulous dough bowl and stand are suitable for many uses, the only restriction is one’s imagination, but fulfilling whatever function they are destined for will certainly add to and enhance the décor of any home.

It was probably originally used within a large kitchen of an important household to make the daily bread for the family members and serving staff or even within a bakery or village for multi family baking.

As it dates back to the 1800’s it is only to be expected that it will bear the marks of time and wear but these are also the hallmarks of its heritage and simply add to its individuality and charm.