Early 20th Century Stoneware Dolphin Pedestal Base

Early 20th Century Stoneware Dolphin Pedestal Base

Code: JW022


H: 60cm (23.6")W: 34cm (13.4")D: 34cm (13.4")

£295.00 Approx $373.42, €344.22

Early 20th Century Stoneware Dolphin Pedestal Base 

  • Early 20th Century
  • Well produced item with crisp detailing
  • Quite heavy and in excellent condition
  • Nicely weathered patina
  • Versatile item with many suggested uses

This early 20th century buff coloured stoneware Dolphin pedestal is a truly versatile and beautiful item. It is quite heavy, in excellent condition and very nicely naturally weathered. The quality is very good with crisp detailing to both the dolphins and ribbed column and top.  This would suggest that it was produced by one of the very good English makers, such as Doulton, who made a number of garden features including urns. 

It could become a table by adding a glass top or similar, it could support an item of sculpture, urn or vase or it could become a fountain where water emits from the Dolphin’s mouths.  Wherever and whatever it is used for it will be a wonderful additional feature and enhance its surroundings .

We are also offering dealer reference JW031 Vintage Cast Stone Stepped Base that is well weather and of a good large size at approximately 22"/56cm diameter and if this were to be added to use the pedestal as a centrepiece for an urn, bowl or a table top, by using the stepped base, you could increase the overall height to approximately 80cm make it look even more of  a statement piece and would raising it to a whole other level.