Large 19thC circa 1840 Acanthus Leaf Carved Gilt Frame

Large 19thC circa 1840 Acanthus Leaf Carved Gilt Frame

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H: 144cm (56.7")W: 117cm (46.1")

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Large 19th Century Acanthus Leaf Carved Gilt Frame

  • English circa 1840 early Victoria Era
  • Carved Gilt Frame with Acanthus Leaf
  • Original gilding and bole work evident
  • Glorious distressed patina
  • W: 117cm (46.1")      H: 144cm (56.7")

This very early Victorian 19th Century English ornately hand carved frame of large scale would grace any home for the purpose of a mirror or to frame a treasured image and would make a good period frame in a Georgian house. 

The acanthus leave motif is continuous, including the mitred acanthus leaf corners, and it is good condition overall; despite some very small losses the original gilding showing the bole work is a joy to see throughout. There is some evidence of the mitres no longer being tightly fitting but the frame is strong and sturdy and this does not impair its form or function and the lovely distressed patina is clearly a reflection of the time and purpose it has experienced and tells its own story.