Pair of Antique French Nesting Wooden Trug Baskets

Pair of Antique French Nesting Wooden Trug Baskets

Code: LP079


H: 30cm (11.8")W: 51cm (20.1")D: 34cm (13.4")


Pair of Antique French Nesting Wooden Trug Baskets

This simply delightful pair of nesting trug baskets are a joy to have; originally they would have been used to carry flowers, fruit or vegetables and are still perfectly useable and would make a loyal companion to the enthusiast gardener, crafter or those of a culinary persuasion. 

The contrast between the marvellous size of the larger and smaller basket make them a fantastic statement décor piece for any room in the house; the possibilities are endless in terms of any practical future use.  They would be ideal for use in the kitchen/pantry to store vegetables or to have as a display item with other wonderful antique collectibles on the perfect dining or kitchen table.  Imagine them being used to gather or store kindling or firewood for the fireside, or simply being full of books to take your pick from as you relax in a favourite place and they would make an ideal crafter’s companion for keeping working essentials to hand in.

These glorious wooden trug baskets have a wonderful patina and are full of charm and character that reflects their heritage.  It is understandable that owing to their age and use they will bear the marks of time and wear. 

Please note that the dimensions are for the largest trug basket and the smaller can sit neatly inside it with space around:  W: 51cm (20.1")  H: 30cm (11.8")  D: 34cm (13.4")