Bleached French Oak c 1930 Refectory Style Farmhouse Table sits 6-8

Bleached French Oak c 1930 Refectory Style Farmhouse Table sits 6-8

Code: WA033


H: 77cm (30.3")W: 200cm (78.7")D: 85cm (33.5")


Bleached French Oak circa 1930 Refectory Style Farmhouse Table sits 6-8

  • French circa 1930
  • Refectory style farmhouse table
  • Solid oak throughout - strong, robust frame
  • Heavy lift off table top 5cm or 2" thick
  • Table top overhangs at end by minimum 23.5 cm or   9¼” maximum 29 cm or 11⅜”
  • Seats 6-8 people dependent upon style of chair/bench seating
  • W: 200cm (78.7")    H: 77cm (30.3")    D: 85cm (33.5")
  • Height from floor to underside of table 71 cm or 28” 
  • Please see other detailed measurements below  

This is a great French circa 1930 Refectory Style Farmhouse Table that will seat 6-8 people dependent on the style of chair/bench seating – absolutely perfect for those gatherings at any time of the year. It is very substantial and constructed from solid French oak timbers which have a bleached natural finish. The top is very heavy but can lift off to facilitate moving – or as was perhaps the original practice for washing/bleaching it and standing it up to dry.  The base is robust and stands on four individually turned and shapely legs joined together by a central stretcher rail with ends between the legs.  It is constructed in the manner typical of French Farmhouse Tables of this time and will add a solid, substantial and timeless presence to any décor. 

The entire table has been stripped completely to give a raw, unfinished appearance and then a light lime wash finish has been applied to the whole item.  The grain is very open but there should be no problem in applying a finish of your choice provided that all surfaces are prepared according to the relevant instructions given with the product of your choice.  As to the durability of the finished surface of your choice being resistant to marks I am not sure of any finish that will guarantee this apart from commercially sprayed lacquer finishes which would be subject to the guarantees that anyone carrying out this work would be prepared to give. 

The base for the table has four legs with a central stretcher rail between the two end legs (ie the shortest distance ) and in turn there is a further stretcher rail to the centre, thus making an H Frame.      

Each leg has a base of approximately 9 cm or 3½” square (I have not measured each leg individually)

To either end of the table the external space between the legs is        71 cm or 28” 

 “                  “           “             internal “           “           “                      53 cm or 20¾”

To either side of the table the external space between the legs is    140.5 cm or 54¼”

 “           “           “                      internal “           “           “                123.2 cm or 48½”

From the  outer part of the leg to the centre rail is approximately    33.6 cm or 13¼” on either side of the table.  

The table top thickness is 5 cm or 2” and is removable and sits in the frame measured distance from the  underside surface of the table base towards the frame is as follows:-

From the floor to the underside of the table is                    71    cm or 28”           

From the end of the table to the frame table top sits in       23.5 cm or   9¼”

From the end of the table to the start of the base frame    29    cm or 11⅜”