Decorative Oriental Pagoda Top Split Bamboo Cocktail Cabinet

Decorative Oriental Pagoda Top Split Bamboo Cocktail Cabinet

Code: MB069


H: 162cm (63.8")W: 95cm (37.4")D: 43cm (16.9")

£850.00 Approx $1073.23, €992.99

Decorative Oriental Pagoda Top Split Bamboo Cocktail Cabinet

  • Oriental circa  1960s/1970s
  • Very decorative and functional piece 
  • Materials used are bamboo and brass
  • In two sections for ease of transportation and movement
  • Upper Cabinet has Geometric Lattice Design decoration
  • Oriental Style Brass Strap Hinges and Locking Plates
  • 2 doors which open to reveal a single adjustable shelf
  • 2 drawers with matching design to the exterior
  • Full width pull out slide with design to match the exterior
  • Sturdy base upon which the cabinet sits
  • Dramatic Straight Line Design decoration using applied split bamboo throughout
  • Brass caps to the top of the 4 legs and feet
  • Decorative stretchers adjoin the legs and form an open platform
  • W: 95cm (37.4")      H: 162cm (63.8")     D: 43cm (16.9")

This wonderful Oriental two door bamboo cabinet has an intriguing and striking appearance; all in all an absolute joy to behold.  From the first glance when seeing the Pagoda Style curved top, the applied split bamboo which is used to such dramatic effect to feature the lattice geometric design and the straight piece design; the typically Oriental strap hinges and the locking plates and the wonderfully rich colour throughout leads one to become lost in the dreams of travelling to Far Distant Oriental places and times gone by.

The cabinet is made up of 2 sections; a sturdy base which is decorated with precisely placed applied split bamboo gives an impression of light and air.  The cabinet rests securely on the base which has 4 brass capped legs which are joined together by decorative stretchers. The fabulous lattice geometric design used throughout the upper cabinet is complemented by the straight placement of split bamboo on other parts of the cabinet and throughout the base.