English 18th Century solid Oak drop leaf table

English 18th Century solid Oak drop leaf table

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H: 77cm (30.3")W: 135cm (53.1")D: 163cm (64.2")

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English 18th Century solid Oak drop leaf table

  • English 18th Century
  • VernacularStyle
  • Solid oak in wide and thick planks
  • Top has been made from the timbers from one locally grown tree in all likelihood
  • Evidenced by the annular2 and medullary3 rays
  • Solid construction
  • A beautiful example of a country oak drop leaf table.
  • Extends to a large sized dining table.
  • Hinges have later been replaced (can be seen in pictures)
  • Original wax finish in superb condition
  • Closed  table depth - 56cm
  • W: 135cm (53.1")   H: 77cm (30.3")   D: 163cm (64.2")

1Vernacular furniture

Simply put, vernacular furniture is the furniture designed, constructed, and used by a local community. This everyday practical furniture is made and used by rural and urban populations alike. Furniture in this style is made from local materials, design, and construction techniques to fulfill ordinary people's needs.

Annular rings are the concentric circles that form in the cross-section of a tree trunk as it grows. They indicate the age and growth rate of the tree.

In addition to the concentric Annular Rings, some trees such as Oak contain radial structures, known as Medullary Rays, that run from the centre to the bark of some trees. The cells build ribbon like structures running vertically up the tree to transport sap and nutrients across the tree from the centre outwards and are known as Medullary Rays. Such trees when Quarter Sawn produce highly figured timber.