English circa 1900 English Country House Bookcase in black paint

English circa 1900 English Country House Bookcase in black paint

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H: 223cm (87.8")W: 115cm (45.3")D: 39cm (15.4")

£2,450.00 Approx $3093.43, €2862.15

English circa 1900 English Country House Bookcase in black paint

  • English circa 1900
  • Presented in refreshed black paint with wax finish
  • Original locks and keys
  • Decorative cornice and mirrored decorative plinth
  • 2 Astragal1 glazing doors to upper section
  • 4 shelves
  • Lower section has 2 doors with decorative fielded panel and paterae
  • Central Shelf
  • W: 115cm (45.3")    H: 223cm (87.8")    D: 39cm (15.4")

This wonderful English circa 1900 English Country House Bookcase with 2 piece cabinets has its original locks and keys and is presented in a refreshed black paint and waxed finish. The upper section has a fabulous decorative cornice above two doors with astragal glazing bars and four fitted shelves; the lower section has a decorative mould above two doors with decorative fielded panels and paterae and a single central shelf.   The whole stands very well on a decorative plinth which mirrors the design to the cornice.


The word "astragal" comes from the Greek for "ankle-joint", astrágalos and is a small moulding used on glass for glazing bars. An astragal is a decorative moulding profile composed of a half-round surface surrounded by two flat plants called fillets. Occasionally, they may be referred to as miniature torus. It can mean an architectural element found at the top or base of a column, but it is also the term used for a framing device on furniture and woodwork.

The use of astragal in antique furniture design is most prominently seen on glass. Some of the most famous examples of master cabinetry makers' use of astragal can be noted in the works of Thomas Chippendale, particularly within his display cabinets and his iconic chair backs.