Vintage 1960s Chinese Chippendale design 7 piece dining set

Vintage 1960s Chinese Chippendale design 7 piece dining set

Code: HB054


Classic 7 piece set of Chippendale Chinoiserie styled dining furniture

  • USA Mid Century circa 1960s
  • 'Calcutta' Design by Hall Bradley for Brown Jordan
  • Cast Aluminium
  • Table and 6 chairs (2 armchair and 4 side chairs)
  • Untouched weathered condition
  • Original white finish with red base primer showing through in places
  • Side Chairs   H: 85cm (33.5")     W: 44cm (17.3")   D: 50cm (19.7")
  • Arm Chairs    H: 85.5cm (33.7")  W: 51cm (20.1")   D: 50cm (19.7")
  • Table             H: 72cm (28.3")      W: 132cm (52")    D: 89cm (35")

This classic Chinese Chippendale faux bamboo dining set comprises of 7 pieces; a table with 2 armchairs and 4 side chairs. This set is from the 'Calcutta' collection by Brown Jordan USA1 which is a scarce line that was limited to a small production.  The classic white finish over cast aluminium adds to the elegance of the set and it is not only visually appealing but also durable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The set is in original untouched and weathered condition and wear is consistent with age and use.  Should it be required we can provide a quotation for a sand-blasting treatment and powder-coating in the hue of your choice; likewise should it be required cushions can also be provided at an additional charge.

Hall Bradley was the first Design Director of Brown Jordan and was the original designer of the Calcutta collection for Brown Jordan. The renowned Calcutta collection draws inspiration from Chippendale furniture, characterized by its intricate and ornate designs and the Chinese Chippendale design themes.  

The level of detail is unrivalled due to the meticulous endeavours of Bradley when creating the original Calcutta prototypes in the mid 1960s.  Bradley bent and manipulated live bamboo stalks in precise places and then cast these components in metal.  The result was a distinguished and elegant cast woven bamboo pattern for the tops of some tables, seats and backs of chairs, while tapered legs and a lower X-stretcher continue the bamboo motif evoking an exotic and timeless aesthetic.

1  Brown Jordan, a pioneer in outdoor furniture design, has been shaping the concept of outdoor living for nearly 80 years. Their innovative approach combines durability with style, creating furniture that seamlessly integrates with modern lifestyles. The Calcutta collection by Hall Bradley remains a testament to their timeless craftsmanship. The Calcutta collection was later reintroduced in 1987 with some variations under the design leadership of John Caldwell.

Brown Jordan’s publicity material currently boasts

18th century style rendered in 21st century metal - A timeless take on Chinese-Chippendale inspired style.

Our enduringly popular Calcutta line is distinguished by an elegant, woven bamboo pattern on seats, backs, legs, and lower x-stretcher that’s unrivalled in its level of detail and beauty to this day, a testament to Brown Jordan’s almost 80 years of expertise in cast aluminium.  Calcutta has a timeless style that can be reimagined countless new ways.