19th Century Urn from Scottish Foundry - Campbell & Co, Falkirk

19th Century Urn from Scottish Foundry - Campbell & Co, Falkirk

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H: 126cm (49.6")W: 89cm (35")D: 89cm (35")Di: 89cm (35")

£795.00 Approx $1003.79, €928.74

Campana Urn from Scottish Foundry - Campbell & Co, Falkirk

  • Scottish 19th Century
  • Cast Fireclay
  • Made by Campbell and Co.  Falkirk
  • With egg and dart rim
  • Gadrooned bowl and stem
  • Raised on stepped base resting on sturdy socle
  • W: 89cm (35")    H: 126cm (49.6")     D: 89cm (35") (w/o foliage)

Large Scottish 19th century cast fireclay Campana style garden urn with a wide brimmed bowl with linked egg and dart detail above a gadrooned stem raised on a stepped base resting on a sturdy socle.

Antique garden urns have been used in garden settings for centuries to introduce interest and an element of symmetry. They are often used as decorative objects in their own right, and can be very varied in shape, size, and material.

In terms of symbolism, urns are a symbol of beauty and timelessness and been used as a ubiquitous symbol for furniture, the decorative arts, and architecture during the Neoclassic period.

Campbell & Co was an iron foundry located  on the Firth of Forth in Falkirk, on the East coast of Scotland was known for producing a variety of cast iron products, including pipes, columns, and ornamental work.  It also had a division which produced firebricks and other fireclay products in the late 19th century. They operated a fireclay mine in Roughcastle, Bonnybridge, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, where they mined fireclay and coal.