Pair of Vintage Galvanised Storks

Pair of Vintage Galvanised Storks

Code: JW035


H: 107cm (42.1")W: 61cm (24")D: 33cm (13")

£650.00 Approx $809.46, €755.81

Pair Of Vintage Galvanised Storks

A decorative and attractive large pair of vintage galvanised metal Storks that stand within a cement base, which is actually a lovely feature as it finishes them off nicely and makes them stand secure as there is a lug on the bottom of each foot that slots into a hole for them to stand in. They can free stand should you wish.   If you wanted to position them in the middle of a pond or lake, you could make it so they didn't come out of the base.   

Each is very well cast and have a lovely naturally weathered and aged patina and are in very good condition with no damage or cracks, apart from one toe on the taller bird is lacking, but this is not really noticeable and the bird can stand anyway

Sold as a pair and include the base.