Antique French 18th Century Metal Pestle and Mortar of Grand Scale

Antique French 18th Century Metal Pestle and Mortar of Grand Scale

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H: 44cm (17.3")Di: 47cm (18.5")

£1,300.00 Approx $1641.41, €1508.12

Antique French 18th Century Iron Metal Pestle and Mortar of Grand Scale

  • French 18th Century
  • Iron
  • Very heavy item - takes at least 2 people to move it
  • Mortar measures Height 44 cm  Diamter 47 cm 
  • Pestle measures 61cm long

It really is exciting to have such a rare and outstanding example of an 18th Century French primitive and ancient iron mortar with applied carrying handles on each side and it has 2 pestles.  It is an original early set which has withstood the test of time with the massive base and body wear indicating years of use resulting in a superb untouched patina. There is now an opportunity to own this absolutely marvellous piece of French Artisan equipment and give it a new purpose in life.

This wonderful bowl shaped mortar with its smooth rounded bottom, deep sides and wide mouth would have been used in conjunction with the pestles to pound and grind ingredients and mix substances.  It was probably used within an early industrial setting such as a large stately kitchen or a larger scale apothecary for the crushing and grinding of compounds, pigments etc to make medications.  The mortar is extremely heavy and it takes at least 2 strong people to lift it.