Flour Storage Bin England 1890

Flour Storage Bin England 1890

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H: 60cm (23.6")W: 49cm (19.3")D: 49cm (19.3")Di: 49cm (19.3")

£240.00 Approx $298.88, €279.07

Flour Storage Bin England 1890

  • England circa 1890
  • Painted Steel
  • Scumble effect wood paint finish
  • W: 49cm (19.3")   H: 60cm (23.6")   D: 49cm (19.3")   Di: 49cm (19.3")

This wonderfully large antique flour bin is of the model used in the late Victorian era in large country house kitchens or alternately it could have been used in an English bakery or in a shop to measure loose flour for customers.   It is made from steel, with wood effect paint, the hinged top folds back for access, the bin has an iron hasp so that it could be kept locked (a sign of how important the Kitchen and its supplies were). 

It really is a lovely decorative piece with many possible uses; the metal is sound, the finish is somewhat distressed but it has good patination and really has ‘the look’.  I’ve thought of numerous alternate uses for interior and exterior purposes and would certainly welcome further ideas:

  • Log basket
  • Laundry hamper
  • Pet food container to keep mice etc out and contain the smell of the contents
  • Interesting store prop
  • A unique table base
  • A wonderful umbrella stand
  • Planter
  • Somewhere to throw in the wellies after a woodland walk

                                                 And last but not least …

  • A lovely decorative antique Kitchenalia Flour Bin