19th Century Antique French Trumeau Mirror

19th Century Antique French Trumeau Mirror

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H: 158cm (62.2")W: 117cm (46.1")

£750.00 Approx $946.97, €876.17

19th Century Antique French Trumeau Mirror

  • French 19th Century
  • Original paint on wooden frame
  • Decorative carved features of scrolls and linear design
  • Frame is in good, strong and sturdy condition
  • Wear is commensurate with age
  • New mirror plate with sympathetically aged appearance
  • W: 117cm (46.1")   H: 158cm (62.2")

This wonderful vertically set rectangular-shape 19th Century Antique French Trumeau Mirror, with original paint, is from a Chateau in the Cognac Region.  This is such a delightful way to add the perception of space and light within any room it adorns. The Frame stands just over 5 feet in height (158 cm) and retains its original grey painted finish to the frame; which has carved, fluted columns to either side of the mirror plate which is has a simple decorative moulding surrounding it.  Above the mirror plate is a panel which is embellished with a hand carved decorative item with fan like shapes above scrolls which contrast so well with the linear aspects of the frame.

The frame is in very good, strong and sturdy condition with some minor knocks and bumps commensurate with its age and use but these do not in any way detract from its form or function.  The mirror plate is new but has a sympathetically aged look. 

1 A Trumeau Mirror is a type of wall mirror originally manufactured in France from the later part of the 18th century onwards. It takes its name from the French word Trumeau which designates the space between windows. Such mirrors, which were usually rectangular, could also hang above an overmantel. A decorative carved or painted scene was often the prominent characteristic, and could in fact dominate the actual mirror itself.